Black Panther (Wakanda Forever)- Thoughts from a superhero fanboy

Black Panther (Wakanda Forever)- Thoughts from a superhero fanboy

Let’s just say this is the first marvel studios movie I’ve seen since Avengers age of ultron. I’m not considering homecoming as a marvel product but a Sony one. Black Panther has done something unique and is the best marvel movie I’ve seen since the Captain America (Winter Soldier).
The movie has loads of actions, good not forced humor and a very good representation of Africa in reality if we overlook the fictional aspects. It’s obvious a lot of research was done and the filmmakers took their time to get what it meant to be African. The movie explores deep meanings beyond the basic marvel superhero movie. It’s a movie that talks on the anguish and anger felt by millions of Africans and American Africans based on the colonization and slave trade, it also delves into how American Africans want to have a deep connection with their roots but no matter how hard they try, they still get looked at as outsiders.
The movie also explores the fragility of masculinity as portrayed by killmonger who was raised alone without a father figure to guide him on how to be a good man, we see the story of a self determined broken man and Micheal b Jordan did a great job in that role.

Coming back to the movie, it had an excellent score with African origins and American origins to portray each character, the black panther is a man trying to do a better job than his father and comes to the realization later on that there is no thing such a perfect or pure. Character and the need to share with others even if they have great damage to us in the past, we have to look beyond our anger, laid rules by society and do what we believe to be right even though it may not seem the easy option.
I do not want to go deep with spoilers but the action was great, Okoye and the women warriors were excellent, the portrayal of the various tribes were great and all actors put their soul into this movie.
The only bad thing in black Panther is the excessive use of CGI which is below what is expected in 2018, it seems like marvel movies are getting really shitty in cgi as almost the entire movies now are based on it unlike in 2008 when they started in Iron Man, ironically that 2008 Movie seems to have a far better CGI than anything marvel has produced in the last 2 years.
In summary Black Panther is great and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to watch, take your kids and family and lets relieve this joyful moment in entertainment, this movie reminds me of the way Spider-Man changed the superhero movie franchise in 2002.Its also evident that a lot of tips were taken from the DCEU though I know no one will admit it, but the costume resembles Superman in MOS and the ending credit is all too similar with Wonder Woman.


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