DC Films gets new president after Justice League’s failure

DC Films gets new president after Justice League’s failure

Warner bros reportedly promoted Walter Hamada as the new president of its DC film production division. According to Variety, Hamada(IT and Conjuring producer) will serve as the new president of DC Films, replacing Jon Berg and Geoff Johns. There were reports of DC undergoing reconstructuring after Justice League’s disappointing performance at the box office.

It’s no secret that the DC Extended Universe has had an uphill climb in these first few years of its existence. With the exception of last summer’s Wonder Woman (which received widespread acclaim), its offerings have proven to be quite divisive. Things reached a tipping point back in November when Justice League premiered to decidedly mixed reviews and the worst opening weekend of the five DCEU films to date. The ensemble piece failed to find any traction commercially, petering out at $226.1 million domestically and $651.1 million worldwide – far less than anyone expected. As WB looks to pick up the pieces, they’re making a major alteration behind-the-scenes.

Who is Walter Hamanda? For those that do not know, he has worked for the last decade at New Line, a division of Warner Bros, and has an outstanding track record as a producer there. He was a key figure in getting The Conjuring made and helped get the spin-offs, such as Annabelle: Creation, in motion. To date, The Conjuring movies have made more than $1 billion. He also was a key figure in getting the IT remake made, which was a massive critical success and outgrossed Justice League, bringing in $698 million worldwide. The big difference? That movie was made for $35 million. Hamada may not be as familiar with DC, but he’s got an excellent track record.

It’s said that Walter Hamada will oversee any comic book movies that Warner Bros. decides to make in the future, DC or otherwise. He also has a great relationship with Aquaman director James Wan. Variety reports that Courtenay Valenti, producer of the Harry Potter movies, will continue to serve as president of production at Warner Bros., in addition to Diane Nelson, who will still serve as DC Entertainment chief.

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