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    Growing up, I believe most Nigerians I mean the true Nigerians at heart……the ones that like their rice in “jollof form” would agree that there’s no movie like a Nollywood movie. From the occasional but predictable trips to the evil forest to retrieve one magic egg or another to Save the Igwe or the village from certain destruction, to the “one of a kind” movie titles from part 1-6 that’ll give you Sleepless nights wondering how,why and who came up with them. The last decade has been full of constant mock-worth And obviously fake graphics with fire on the chief priest’s arms or bullets and toy helicopters and planes(apparently we have a parody of Batman on African magic), the vampires and ghosts wearing white powder and red lipstick….don’t even get me started on the handsome prince that always falls in love with The first woman he sees at the stream or the fact that Chinwetalu Agu and Pete Edochie are almost always either trying to steal someone’s property or wife but still…..the Pros outweigh the Cons for Nollywood (as hard as it is to admit). Nollywood has risen to be one of the top 3 entertainment industries in terms of popularity, our veteran Actors and actresses slaying every character they become, building a nest for some Of the world’s most creative, sarcastic  and talented minds and our sense Of humour as Nigerians is what keeps us going even through the toughest of times but an air of change going around Nigerian cinema.

    For the Past two years,The style and ideas behind movies have upgraded from Amadioha striking someone with blindness and armed robbers wearing hair nets as masks to more innovative, relatable and modern events and situations while still being entertained at the same time. This revival wouldn’t be. Possible without the old and new Faces of Nollywood putting aside Creative differences and Coming together to create something extraordinary. Nollywood isn’t what it used to be because at One point in time, even kids could tell you the plot of a movie just by looking at the title but now our “packaging ” game is on a step up with better props, sets, directing and scripts.

    The birth of IROKOtv, Ebonylife and the likes was a sign that ushered in a new age of movies, skits, series and shows that is now getting rapidly growing attention from the international market. Household names like Jenifa’s diary, Gidi up, the Johnsons etc hit the home run both locally and abroad. The pool of acting talent is rapidly widening, reducing the rate of unemployment and keeping a lot of young people off the streets which to me outweighs any Con in Nollywood and it is safe to say we are moving up the ladder globally in entertainment.



    Very true, Nice Read


    Ali Raza

    very good


    Samuel Nkwume

    lol, their rice in jollof form. haha

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