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iphone X Review : Is it worth $999?

iphone X Review : Is it worth $999?

Tim Cook said it’s “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.” It’s not pronounced iPhone X, it’s the iPhone “Ten,” and the screen takes up the whole of the phone’s front panel meaning the home button has been dumped, just like we’ve seen in LG and Samsung phones. It’s made from surgical grade stainless steel, and glass on the rear panel. It’s water and dust resistant, and available in space grey and silver.  After the unveiling of the iphone 8 and 8 plus, then came the not so surprising unveiling of the flagship handset known as the iphone X. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are what we’d consider standard ‘S’ upgrades in Apple’s terms, offering a slight change in appearance with upgraded internals. The iPhone 8 features glass on the rear, allowing it to offer wireless charging compatible with the Qi charging standard.

The iphone X on the other hand comes at an eye-watering price. Are the features it possesses enough to make it a must-buy over the more familiar iPhone 8 or Samsung’s Galaxy S8?. It also promises to be significantly faster thanks to a new chip and also to last two hours longer than the iPhone 7, and its camera upgrades may not be revolutionary but they appear as a good improvement.


Both 12-megapixel cameras on the back of this smartphone will feature optical image stabilization to limit blurry photos and deliver better 4K video. Apple has thrown in a new Portrait Lighting feature that is something to behold. It analyses a subject’s face and lets the photographer choose a lighting style to fit the scene, before or after shooting the photo. The results can be compelling. Apple’s Portrait Mode, which lets you artfully blur a photo’s background, is also available on the front camera of the iPhone X, which should elevate user’s selfies.

The iPhone X will also let you use its cutting-edge 3D facial scanner to animate emojis. Yes, you can see what you’d look like as a talking poo and share that image with friends. Ultimately, the success of the Apple iPhone X will hang on the success of Face ID, whether it proves both secure and easy to use.

 Price and availability

Rumors put the iPhone X’s price at $1,000, and that turned out to be correct. It’ll be available in either 64GB or 256GB configurations, and will be available to pre-order on October 27, with deliveries beginning on November 3. The good news is Apple will sell the iPhone X in 55 countries around the world. Either concerns about component shortages were exaggerated, or Apple isn’t expecting the phone to sell in massive numbers.

The iPhone X was the third phone announced by Apple on September 12, joining the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It followed the Series 3 Apple Watch, which comes with built in cellular connectivity.

Face ID

Apple said Face ID would increase the security of its smartphones, reducing the risk of someone else being able to unlock the iPhone from one in 50,000 to just one in one million. Apple is not the only company to try new biometric security features in smartphones, however. Its major rival, Samsung, introduced iris and face-scanning technology in the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone last year, and again in its Galaxy S8 handset this year. But while Samsung’s iris scanner was considered secure enough to make financial transactions, the company described its facial scanner as a convenience “for unlocking your phone right away” and not to be relied upon for tight security.

This year’s iPhone launch event hit a rocky patch when Apple executive Craig Federighi went to demonstrate the iPhone X’s facial recognition technology, Face ID, which replaces the fingerprint scanner as a security mechanism. “Unlocking it is as easy as looking at it and swiping up …” he said, waiting an agonising few seconds while the device refused to unlock. He tried a second time again, nothing, before switching to a back up phone. I’ll reserve my comments till I get my hands on it myself at launch.

Wireless charging

Apple is keeping its wireless future dream alive and is finally letting users charge their iPhones wirelessly. The new iPhones the company announced today — the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, all support Qi wireless charging, or the same standard as Samsung devices.

Although Apple made a big deal of the news at the event, it didn’t announce any actual wireless charging hardware for the phones for this year. Instead, the company gave us a preview: it’s working on a charging mat, called AirPower, that’ll charge not only iPhones, but also the Apple Watch and AirPods. All three devices can charge at once. Apple says it’s working with Qi to incorporate this into the standard. The mat features fast charging, too. The AirPower charger will be available next year.

So back to the million dollar question, is this phone really worth $999? Well I guess for the fact that a lot of features for the iphone X have been done by LG or Samsung at a price tag which is almost $300 cheaper, i might say no, but it’s quite to early to judge. We at Angry Views will keep tabs for you on this device especially when we get our hands on it.




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  1. 999 dollars for a phone not even as good as an S8 of 699 dollars?
    Of course it isn’t but I will still buy it anyway.

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