Justice League (An Awesome But Edgy Movie)- Thoughts of a superhero fanboy

Justice League (An Awesome But Edgy Movie)- Thoughts of a superhero fanboy

Going to watch Justice League (JL), I was so excited, having waited since March 2016 to see the complete trilogy of Zack Synder’s movie. Justice League starts really great with lots of shots showing us how the world has moved past the Superman Era, it shows us the new characters but quickly rushes to bring them all together that it felt so unreal. In reality a group of heroes like that will never come around so easily, this can easily be attributed to the short run time of the movie which I believe to be 1 hr 48 mins at most of actual movie.

The opening action scenes from Batman and Wonder Woman felt consistent with the previous DC movies (Man Of Steel and Batman vs Superman) but after that each action, the movie felt totally different from the franchise. It was good seeing Diana and Bruce recruit the team and bring them together to the tunnel, but i’ve got to say that the tunnel scene fight starts so suddenly as if the team didn’t know what they were doing. It was all fight and no reactions or thoughts of what they were doing, it felt like a scene totally cut of and reshot and that could be evidenced by Gal Gadot’s Bum showing when she jumped out of the crawler and Flash falling on her boobs, you could easily tell that this was the work of the sexist Joss Whedon in play here overriding what Zack has initially done. The third act starts almost immediately after these scene and the villain wasn’t given any time screen to really showcase his motives the way Lex, Zod, Ares and even Enchantress were given. Maybe this is why people never bought the villain as a good one but I feel he was good(Age of Ultron good). This is another way of saying that Joss had totally removed the scenes that would have brought life to this villain.

The resurrection of Superman has to be the best part of the movie. It was perfectly done with the exception of the scene when Superman asks Batman, “do you bleed”, which I felt was totally stupid because in BvS that question was asked around the first hour. Superman asking that question means he was in his right senses and that is a big plot hole.
I was glad to see him reunite with Louis and his mom which was a good emotional scene but not as good as the one teased in the trailer from Zack Synder. This scene was totally reshot. I only wish it had the MoS(Man Of Steel) theme song to it.
The final battle was great to watch even though it happened so fast and was so intense with horrible music in the background. It felt good to see the team unite for a short while before Superman showed up and made the film look like it should never have happened. There was little at risk in the final battle as the villain was easily overpowered, another consequence of a reshot movie which was obvious.

The score of the music took a major leap backward with Danny Elfman doing something beyond a horrible job here. Imagine a man using music from the past as far back as 1989. This man also copied and pasted the theme song of the avengers and hulk movie which he worked on. The music didn’t feel good at any point in the movie except for the one by Skyrid and ‘Come together’ which he didn’t work one. The songs never matched up with the intensity of the action sequences the way MoS and BvS did and I’ll totally recommend Danny Elfman not having anything to do with any DC project going forward.
Joss did a good job trying to reduce the time from over 2 hrs 49 mins to less than 2 hours but he also did a terrible job with those reshoots, sexist jokes and the unnecessary romance of Bruce and Diana. The man tried to help but DC needs to move forward and give him the axe here the way Marvel did in 2012. it would be glad not to have him in any role moving forward.
I personally feel that the Justice League in theatres is not what Zack Synder directed and this can be seen in the trailers, as about 70% of the trailer scenes are not in the movie. I hope he can come back later on for Justice League part 2 or Flashpoint and give us the JL movie we deserve as fans .
In summary the movie is awesome as a movie but could have been far better if the studio didn’t get in the way of the movie and if you do not care much about directors and are looking for a way to spend a good time I’ll totally recommend it for you.

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