What We know About The Samsung Galaxy S9

What We know About The Samsung Galaxy S9

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Samsung will unveil its new flagship phone early this year, as it is no secret. As usual it will be unveiled at the MWC(Mobile World Congress), but the big question is whether Samsung will reinvent the handset again or just stick to what worked for them last year by enhancing features and performance. Rumours are just starting to pour in with a launch now mere weeks away, so we’ve compiled the best leaks below and offered our take on how reasonable they seem at this point.

Release date of the Samsung galaxy S9

Following rumours that pegged a launch anywhere between CES in January and sometime in March, Samsung mobile president DJ Koh confirmed to ZDNet that the Galaxy S9 will be revealed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 at the end of February.

Publications from the likes Bloomberg and The Bell in recent weeks, with both specifying a 27 February launch on the eve of Mobile World Congress. Both publications suspect that the phone will then release in early March, about a month earlier than usual for the Galaxy S. Well maybe the hype from the iPhone X has made Samsung eager for a new refreshed upgrade.

True or false
Yes it has to be true. Samsung has always unveiled its flagship phones for years at the Mobile World Congress and this year shouldn’t be any different. After it is unveiled in February, a March release date looks certain to follow. Tick Tock!!

How much will the Samsung S9 cost

The prices of smartphones recently have climbed up over the past year. We saw the iPhone x sell for a staggering $999(N359,640) which i feel is overpriced but i will discuss that in another article.
The Galaxy S8 launched at $689(N248,040) with the Galaxy S8 Plus weighing in at $779(N280,400) – and then Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 8 at a staggering $879(N316,440). Of course, while the Pixel 2 XL came in at $799(N287,640). An addition of $50 or $100 dollars isn’t out of the question but Samsung should be aware that a huge price increase would scare potential customers to the cheaper iPhone 8 and 8plus models if it decides to go hard on the price increase.

We haven’t heard any substantive rumours about the Galaxy S9’s ticket price, but flagship phone prices have been trending upward over the last year – and we fully expect Samsung to bump up the S9’s price at least a little bit.

True of False
After the increase of smartphone prices in general we should expect Samsung to bump the prices a little bit more.
it’s tough to be tough to see Samsung staying put with the same $689(N248,040) price point as the Galaxy S8 when the market has shown that flagships can command higher asking costs. Maybe it’ll just be $699(N251,640), or something like $729(262,440), but don’t be surprised to see some kind of bump here.

What will the Galaxy S9 look like ?

it would probably look very similar to the Samsung galaxy S8, Just like the Galaxy S7 looked just like the Galaxy S6. So this year we expect a few tweaks and upgrade but with a similar look with less bezels.

With the same 5.8in and 6.2in screen sizes pegged for the models, there’s been little in the way of rumours about transformative changes. We’ll probably still see the curved right and left edges, with maybe a bit less bezel on the top and bottom. Meanwhile, VentureBeat suggests that the fingerprint sensor will now be located underneath the camera array, instead of awkwardly next to it.
This speculative Galaxy S9 Plus render above from a Korean message board (via BGR) shows how it might be placed below a dual-camera array, which looks like an improvement to us. SlashLeaks has shown a similar-looking sensor placement in a seeming leaked image from a case maker, which might just be purely speculative.
Meanwhile, SamMobile suggests that there will be a new purple colour option in addition to black, gold, and blue.

True or False
A new design should not be expected but we expect a phone with thinner bezels. If they can figure out how to make the fingerprint sensor fall in a more comfortable location(like maybe putting it on the screen), they would totally have my money.

How much power will the Galaxy S9 pack?

VentureBeat suggests that the Galaxy S9 will ship with 4GB RAM while the Galaxy S9 Plus will join the Note 8 in offering 6GB RAM for a little extra zippiness.

Samsung is expected to use a newer version of its 10-nanometer Exynos system-on-a-chip for the Galaxy S9 in some territories, and the just-revealed Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 elsewhere.

How powerful those chips will be remains to be seen, but they should provide a nice step up over the still-top-of-the-line Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835. Apple’s latest iPhone chip, the A11 Bionic, is beating every Android contender in benchmark testing, so we’ll see whether Samsung and Qualcomm can take a fresh lead in the spring.

True or False
No big surprises as these are the chips we expect to see on the next Galaxy instalment although we don’t know yet how big of a performance boost they’ll offer over the S8.

How good is the Galaxy S9 camera?

Rumours are surfacing that the S9 Plus will have a second back camera. Much like the iPhone 8 plus and 7 plus models, the core S9 will reportedly have a single camera on the rear, while the S9 Plus will offer a Note 8 dual-camera setup.
The main camera on both could offer the widest aperture seen on a smartphone to date: f/1.5, which is a notch better than the f/1.6 aperture seen on the LG V30 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro. This is very much a rumour right now, though, as no other phone company has managed to create a camera with such a wide aperture. Samsung has a China-only flip phone that can do it, but that’s made in much smaller numbers than what would be needed for the global Galaxy S8.
The secondary camera on the S9 Plus will reportedly come in at f/2.4.
That’s not all: a report from Chinese site VTECH (via Neowin) suggests that the Galaxy S9’s main cameras will offer adjustable aperture, ranging between f/1.5 and f/2.4 depending on the lighting conditions. Consider that a serious step towards true DSLR-like quality from a phone camera. Samsung just launched a flip phone with that kind of feature in China, interestingly enough. As for Snapchat fans, do not expect anything better than the iPhone🤷🏾‍♂️.

True or False
A lot of smartphones of recent have moved unto the dual camera including Samsung’s very own Note 8 so that shouldn’t come as a surprise if the S9 plus comes with a dual camera. In any case, Samsung used to hold the smartphone camera crown but has been bested by other phones – we’ll see if that wider and potentially adjustable aperture helps put the S9 on top of the competition.

What is the screen going to be like?

Every time a Galaxy S phone is coming, there’s always speculation that Samsung is considering a 4K display, which would make Gear VR experiences significantly better. But we haven’t seen too much talk on that this time around, so we expect another Quad HD (2K) Super AMOLED screen on there. Which is still awesome.
Bezels might have shrunk a bit, but not by much. The Galaxy S8 already had a super-skinny screen, after all. It’ll stay curved, too, because it’s what makes the Galaxy so unique.

True or False
Putting a 4K display on a smartphone requires a lot of extra power to keep things running smoothly, not to mention extra battery capacity, but the visible advantages are incredibly slim on a device that small. We’re not expecting that to happen with the Galaxy S9.

Is there any other thing else is should know about?

Both phones will still have a headphone port, according to VentureBeat. The site suggests that the Galaxy S9 models will have AKG stereo speakers, adding a bit more bump to your playback.

We at Angry Views honestly can not wait for the release of the shining new Galaxy S9. We will keep you updated as more news unfolds!


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